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outdoor Fireplaces


Adds Value

Extends Patio Use

No Need for Venting (in most cases)

Benefits to outdoor Fireplaces

A real outdoor fire, with its unmatched ambiance, is the perfect touch to pull any patio or outdoor living space together – in fact, realtors will tell you that aside from a swimming pool, nothing draws buyers in more than a great fire feature! Fireplaces in general produce the greatest returns for any renovation in the home, and the same can be said for outdoor fireplaces. It not only adds value to your home, it provides structure and coziness to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing. Imagine lounging in your outdoor space with a toasty fireplace regardless of the time of year. The heat generated will keep you plenty warm and the beautiful orange glow will add plenty of light into your space. An outdoor fireplace offers an easy installation experience, as it does not require venting. The lack of a venting system with outdoor fireplaces allows for more versatility in terms of installation and reduces construction costs in most cases.

outdoor Fireplaces

Resort Mountain

Outdoor Fire Pits

From patios, to backyards we can design the perfect focal point for your outdoor living space. We will find the size, shape and appropriate fuel source for the perfect extra touch that adds style, ambience and value. No matter the size of your outdoor area, there’s a fire pit to suit your outdoor living space or landscape project.

Outdoor Fireplace

Upgrade your patio experience with a sleek linear fireplace. It’s stunning, confident, and captivating! Available in different sizes, these fireplaces can give a modern vibe to your outdoor space. Impress your guests with the mesmerizing beauty of these fireplaces. Take your patio to new heights and create an unforgettable atmosphere!


Custom Fire Features

Want an outdoor space that will really impress? Let us help you create a custom fire feature that will leave your guests in awe. With our help, your creativity can truly shine. A modern fire feature is just what you need to take your outdoor area to new heights and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Don’t settle for an ordinary outdoor space – let us help you add that “wow” factor.

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