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Benefits to Gas Fireplaces

Upgrade your fireplace with gas and experience unbeatable energy efficiency; no wood or briquettes needed to generate warmth! Gas fireplaces are fueled by natural gas or propane. Gas fires ignite quickly and consume less fuel than traditional fireplaces, enabling greater cost savings and efficiency. Gas fireplaces provide a consistent and even flow of heat, resulting in a uniform increase in temperature across the entire room. They are also a safer choice: no toxic carbon monoxide levels, no smoke or soot for a healthier breathing environment.   Gas fireplaces require little upkeep and don’t require a chimney. They are environmentally friendly with no mess afterwards.

Gas Fireplace Types


These units will be equipped with a sealed glass front, which may come with either a safety barrier screen or double glass. These high-performance fireplaces generate more heat, with the bonus of side wall or roof venting options. Capable of unlimited sizes and applications direct is an excellent choice.

B-vent Appliances

These units have an open face design, providing a realistic fireplace look. They emit radiant heat, but their efficiency is limited. When using these units, ventilation through the roof is necessary and the minimum length of vent run must be taken into consideration.

Wood Burning with gas logs:

Wood-fired fireplaces are the most aesthetically pleasing, traditional log-style fireplaces and with the gas logs, you get the largest flames as they are able to accept/process higher BTU’s. They have less restrictions on opening dimensions. These fireplaces are a great choice – open-faced to enjoy the flames, ventilated for optimum performance and framed with either operable glass doors or a power damper.

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